JUNIOR HIGH (Grades 6 – 8)

“Our goal @ Collective Junior High is to impact youth to live the way God wants them to. We believe that youth can have a major impact in their school and community, and we want to help bring out the best potential in each one. We also want to encourage them to have life transforming Jesus experiences throughout their teen years!”

~ Pastor Jon


Collective Jr High is for Students in Grades 6-8 (Grades 9’s have the option to stay in Jr High but we encourage them to move up to Senior High)

We meet on THURSDAY nights at 6:30pm and we end at 8:30pm. We usually meet in the Heritage Room at the church (use the courtyard entrance) and End in the Youth Room, but if we are meeting elsewhere information will be given in advance via the weekly collective newsletter*

(if you would like to get on the parent email list newsletter to receive extra info/resources, contact jonr@evangelbc.org)