SENIOR HIGH (Grades 9-12)

The Collective Movement is a community @ Evangel Church for Grades 9-12. We meet on THURSDAY nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. We usually meet in the Heritage Room at the church (use the courtyard entrance) and End there as well, but if we are meeting elsewhere information will be given in advance.


Collective Movement “SW”

This is our Bi-weekly Youth Service

The emphasis’ of our “SW” Night Services are engaging in times of worship, hearing the truth proclaimed and PROCLAIMING it, speaking words of life into one another. We like to create an atmosphere where we can find rest and solace from the culture that we are often bombarded by and talking time to seek The Holy Spirit.

This is our “Worship & Teaching” focused night and is weighted heavily in the direction of Corporate Worship expression, Teaching and Testimony. Bring a heart that is ready to chase after the King with reckless abandon and keep in mind that you could be the instrument that God chooses to speak a powerful word of encouragement into your friends lives. We want to Seek God with our whole hearts and “SW” Night is a perfect point in your week to take the time to focus on who’s really important.